Best Snapchat hacks for 2018

For a few years now, Snapchat has managed to stay right at the top with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Even though the development team is constantly adding and improving features, there are some parts of the application that are not so user-friendly.

Whether you are an experienced user or you are just starting out with Snapchat, this list of hacks will make your experience with the app more fun and productive, and even safer if you follow the instructions regarding the SnapMaps and user location.

1. Save mobile data with travel mode

As soon as you start using Snapchat regularly, one thing is going to be obvious, the app is really heavy on the data when you are out of Wi-Fi zone. But luckily, developers made a feature that can help you save some battery life and save you from spending all your internet traffic, and help you avoid phone bill overcharging.

If you turn “Travel mode” on in the application, it will prevent automatic downloads of snaps and stories in the background and give you the opportunity to choose what you want to download and see. This can help you keep your mobile data spending to the minimum and save you some money in the process.

To turn the “Travel mode” on, you have to go to the application settings. To access this section of the app, select the Bitmoji icon sitting at the top of the camera screen, then on the gear looking icon at the upper right corner. Tap on the “Manage” under “Application Services” and toggle “Travel Mode” on.

2. Mix your videos with your favorite music

This is a very simple hack that can add a lot to the quality of your videos. And to be honest, Snapchat stories with some good background music are just more appealing than without it.

To pull this trick off, all you have to do is play a song that you want to be included in your video through the music app of your choice, like iTunes or Spotify, record a video in the Snapchat and the song will be instantly picked up by the video recorder making it the background sound.

3. Multiple filters

Having a tough time editing your photos with one filter? There is the option to combine few filters at the same time in order to achieve some interesting effects with your content.

After you select the first filter, hold your finger down on the screen. This action will add the second filter and while still holding your finger on the screen, scroll left and right to choose to one that is the most suitable.

4. Manipulate the look of the text in your Stories

Bored of the same looking text from snap to snap? Don’t worry, there are multiple ways to manipulate the look of the text that can change the overall quality of your Stories.

To make the text on your snap different color first you have to take a photo or a video and type the message. After this, tap the “T” button at the top of the screen which will open the text palette. Drag your finger across it to choose the color. And if you want to remove the background shadow, just tap the “T” button twice.

To change the orientation or the size of the message, use “pinching” technique to resize it and rotate it, and to move it around, just do it the same way as you would for emojis.

5. Voice and video calls

If you use multiple applications for video calls, free voice calls, and stuff like that then Snapchat might already have in store everything you need.

These features can be used in different ways. You can send both audio and video messages for up to ten seconds in length or you can just start an audio or live Skype-like video call that is not time-limited.

To access these options, all you have to do is open a privet conversation in the chat section of the application with the person that you want to interact with. Buttons for these actions will be right above your keyboard, for voice calls and voice messages second from the left, and for video calls and video messages second from the right.

video call

To send a ten-second voice or video message, just hold the button for the action that you wish to perform. Be prepared because the app is going to start recording immediately and it will send what you recorded as soon as you release the button, without the option to edit anything.

To start a regular voice or a video call just tap the button for the chosen action once and it will start the call right away. After the few rings, the app will give you the option to send the message that is in the same format as the messages explained above.

6. Rewind, fast-forward or slow down your videos

One of the newer features is the ability to manipulate the speed and the pace of the video by selecting one of the tree options just like you would with regular filters.

To implement them, after you record your video just swipe left or right to find the one that you want to use. Snail filter is to slow down the video, backward arrows are for rewind functionality, and rabbit is for fast-forwarding.

7. Record multiple videos in a row

Another handy hack for the Snapchat users is the option to record six ten second videos in a row. This will give you set of videos that are going to have smooth transitions between them and that will add a lot of quality to your Snapchat story.

To record videos in this fashion, just hold recording button for as long as sixty seconds and application will chop the video after every ten. And for the extra, this feature will give you the option to edit each video individually.

8. Hide your location

If your privacy is something that you really care about than you might consider turning off your location on the SnapMap. It is understandable why Snapchat introduced this feature to the application, but this can also cause a lot of privacy issues to the users, especially the younger part of the community.

To turn off this feature go to the camera mode, in the camera mode tap on the Bitmoji icon, then on the gear icon. After you get to the “Settings” page find “See My Location” section and inside toggle the ghost mode.

9. Pin emojis to the specific objects inside the snaps

You probably already know that you can attach emojis to your snaps, but did you know that you can “pin” them to the specific objects inside your videos. This will allow them to scale and move through the whole video following the object that you “pinned” it to.


To make this possible, start recording the video inside the Snapchat and tap on the folded paper icon on the screen.

Next step is to choose the one that you want to use in your snap and tap on it. It will appear on the screen and now you will be able to “pin” it by holding your finger on the emoji and move it to the object in the video by holding your finger down on that spot for few seconds.

10. Save your stories locally for later

Whether you use your Snapchat account for business or personal reasons, at one point you might want to save your latest story. This will not keep your story online until you decide to remove it but rather download it to your device.

There are two options for this feature, to save the story as a single video or to save only one snap that you want.

For the whole story as a video, swipe right to the “Stories” view where you can find your latest story at the top. To save it as a whole video to your device, just tap the “Download” button.

To save only one snap, find your story at the same place as mentioned above, and swipe left or right until you find the snap that you want to save and tap the download button at top of the screen.

These are just some of the hacks and “hidden” features that you can use to make your stories and snaps more appealing to your followers, so make sure to spend some time playing with them because it can really pay off in the long run.

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