Want to improve your snapchat experience? You’re in the right place! All of the best tips, tricks, hacks, secret stuff that there is on InstaSnapSpy. So if you watch this video to the end and follow my advice, you’ll be posting some creative snaps like a pro in no time. Are you ready?

Let’s do this. Here we go.

Motion Tracking Emojis

First up, we have motion-tracking emojis. I only found out about this one pretty recently but it’s seriously cool and it seems like not a lot of people know about it. I don’t see many people doing this in their snaps. So for this one, to be able to do the motion-tracking, it seems to work best when you don’t move the camera about too much and you sort of do slower movements so not too jerky.

I’m going to do a slow pan into my keyboard and look what’s going to be there. Well you don’t know yet but you’ll soon see.

motion tracking

So there’s the video. Now all we need to do is pick an emoji or a sticker. Oh my god. The day that I’m filming this they just released stickers and they’re so cool and so cute, aren’t they? I really like this guy. He’s really cute. So what I’m going to do is place him on my keyboard, hold him down.

That tells it that I want to motion track. I think I’ve nailed the position right there so I’m going to let go, let it do its thing. Oh it’s so cool. It’s just like a little dude chilling on the keyboard. So good. How impressive is that? That is motion-tracking emojis. You can place emojis anywhere in your snaps and they will stick in the real world. Bringing emojis and stickers to life.

Change The Color of Your T-Shirt

Next up, a lot of people do know this one but if you haven’t heard it before, it is going to change your life. Okay I need to start off with a snap so I can show you. So I’m going to just snap my t-shirt.

Okay so if you thought that these were the only colors that are available for the pencil thing, then boy this is going to change your life. Okay so obviously you can slide your finger across the spectrum for all those different colors but if you slide your finger to the left, like this. Whoa, it changes to white. And then if you slide it down, whoa, it changes to black. And you can slide it back across this way, you’re basically changing the saturation.

And so you can have like a really light red there for example, sort of pink, a maroon brown. The world is your oyster or the screen is your oyster. By sliding to the left and then up and down, you have the whole spectrum of colors at your disposal. Not just the fully saturated ones on this side. Yeah I don’t know what I’m doing there. Though you thought that these were the only filters that we had, right? Uh uh uh. So you can basically create a filter that is any color of your choosing.

t shirt

Okay so basically just type a letter and then you change the color of it like this. And then basically all you have to do is just make the D bigger. Keep enlarging and enlarging until as you can see that faded bit that you want to keep making bigger and use that to cover over the photo. It depends how extreme you want to go. If you want to make it all the same tone or if you want sort of a faded effect like that.

Got a nice, cool purple, unique filter and that can be any color of your choosing. You can also add two different letters that are different colors and so you could sort of have it maybe fading from purple to green or something like that. All of that creativity is just your fingertips. You just have to decide what you want to do with it.

 Fancy Text Spreading

Okay so this one, if you fancy spreading out your text, normally you can just like type stuff and you can press enter, you can return and go into new line. Well, if you go onto your Notes app. Oh my god, secret notes in there. Don’t want to know what that is. Let’s just delete all that. On your Notes app, press return a few times.

So like one, two, three, four, five and then highlight all of that, select it all and copy it then you can go back to Snapchat and paste it into the text field like this and then you have all those new lines in there so, and you can type whatever you want. You do still have the limit to the amount of text that you can put on there but it just means that you can spread it all out. So I’m going to go like this. And how much more creative and fun is that than those old days where you used to put all your text on one line? Psh, that’s for losers. It isn’t going to make sense to anyone but oh well.

Add Multiple Filters to Video

Okay so this one I only just learned whilst looking up tricks and hacks and it has blown my mind because I’ve wanted to do this before and I just didn’t know that it was possible. So hopefully it will help some of you out there as well. I’m going to do a slow pan of me in my room.

Okay so we’ve got the video. You might want to apply like a beauty filter or something to it to make yourself look better because I’m all shiny in that and looking weird. So we’ll do that first. Alright so I’ve applied the filter like that but then you might want to add something else.


You might want to like add the time or the temperature or the miles per hour, kilometers per hour or you might want to like slow the video down or speed it up. Well here is how you add another filter after you’ve already added one. Obviously if you swipe left or right now, you’re going to change the filter. But if you hold down the screen and then swipe again, then you can add another filter. Four is the limit but I have four filters on the go at once and that is pretty cool. Super useful. You’re welcome.

Secret Screenshot

Next up we have the sneaky, secret screenshot. But I didn’t actually know this one. I’ve found it out on the internet while we’re searching for this video. And it is rather cunning and I will be using it a lot from now on. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is go to your Snapchat timeline thing.

Make sure that the Snapchat that you want to see and screenshot is loaded. For example I want to see George Shelley. And then all we have to do is swipe up and turn on Airplane mode. And now Snapchat is no longer connected to the internet so it can’t send data to its servers and stuff. So I can now go into George Shelley’s. It says no internet connection so I’m going to do a sneaky screenshot. Boom. And so now I’ve got my screenshot and he would never be able to tell. Particularly useful for stalking bae and saving lots of photos of him to your camera roll for later viewing. If you know what I mean. Totally innocent.

Snap Cool

I’m going to tell you one of the best hacks ever. This one is great for unleashing your hidden creativity because the possibilities are pretty endless with this. Oh yes, are you ready? Are you excited? How to upload to Snapchat using any photo from your camera roll. So sneaky. Oh my god. Don’t tell anyone. How cool is this? Seven out of ten cool. There are like so many different apps that you can do this with. Really you can try any of them. What I found with them though is that they’re all very very similar.

They all look the same as well which is weird. And they all use coins which are really annoying. It costs a coin to upload a photo and then you have to buy new coins. Super sneaky, app developers. However this one I found and it’s definitely not sponsored, I promise. It has the coins thing but it lets you upload them for free. And it’s not perfect. It still has like ads on it but it means that you can upload as many as you want and you don’t have to worry about buying anything or like spending money.

snap cool

So basically with this app, it’s called Snap Cool. You can pick any of the photos from your camera roll. So for example, here is a photo I took a few days ago for my Instagram so I got my friend just take it like loads of different ones. So now, with this app, you can pick it and upload it to Snapchat.

We can still add emojis. This is me, face replace. And you can still write stuff as well. I didn’t even know that. You can actually apply your own filters and effects and stuff. You can change it however you want and then when you’re done, upload it to Snapchat.

Snapchat Recording Hotkey

There we go so that ends my story. Here’s a cool one for if you want to record a video of yourself but you don’t have any friends, story of my life. This is what I’m doing right now. Great. So there is actually a way to record a Snapchat video without having to hold down the button. Aha, bet you didn’t know that.

Basically you go into Settings and then General and Accessibility and then you want to go down to Interaction and turn on Assistive Touch. And basically what you’re going to do is teach the Iphone how to hold down the button for you.

So we’ll create a new gesture. And then you just tap and hold anywhere on the screen until the blue bar fills up. And then let go and then press stop then we can save it. I’m going to click on that little menu thing. I also customize my top level menu which you can do back in those settings so that the Snapchat record button is right there all the time. So I’m going to click that, touch the record button and it will hold it down for like pretty much until the end.

So we touch that now. You can see that it is doing it and I’m not even holding it down. Now if you want to be then you have all the tools at your disposal to be super creative and be the best snapper on Snapchat. After me of course.

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