A bundle of photo sharing, as well as apps with similar features that promote social network use, was released during the last decade. From 2006 until now, more than three web services and apps of same or similar concept were released by various international companies. As Tinder, Flickr, Snap Chat and other similar apps and services become popular; a common user is left with only one question in mind. How proficient am I in using these apps and services of obvious dispositional effect on socialization, from a subjective point of view, respectively?
Another question that might roam through your mind is which of the image sharing, social-improving apps is the best?

Soon after its release, Chat surpasses its competition and claim its rightful throne as the most popular photo sharing/messaging online social platform. One of the reasons for marketing success of this app is its usability. Everyone is familiar with this app’s features, but do you really know how to use to its fullest potential?

Snap chat filters can enhance your photos to the extent of changing its concept entirely. How well you use this features, dictates how successful of a Snap Chatter you’ll become. This being said, it’s natural to assume that you’ll want to learn more about using Snap Chat filters. So let’s have a look at a list of best Snap Chat filters today.

Cool Reflective Glasses

This filter is great for all your photos that lack glasses of any shape and style. Enhance your gloomy images with stylized glasses filter and add to the quality of your photos. Combining this feature with other that this popular app has in its disposal can significantly improve your popularity.

reflective glasses

Another great thing about using this app is that it’s great for using against Snap Spy app users. Find the right shape, color or model of these glasses and conceal your identity on most of your photos. This way these privacy intruders won’t be able to recognize you as easily as before, and luckily lose their interests in stalking you.

Canine Stylization

Puppy filter is by far the most popular feature that Snap Chat has ever released. By adding these canine features to your selfies, you’ll definitely gain popularity. Succession is guaranteed as nothing says ‘adorable,’ or is it ‘annoying,’ as puppy filter on your face. With its interactive tongue animation, you’ll have no trouble establishing social interaction with other Snap Chatters as you’ll blend in almost instantly.

puppy snapchat face

Pick your favorite one and choose an adequate photo for adding this filter. This is one of the quickest ways to improve your popularity on Snap Chat, improve your content and expand your social environment.

Face Swap

You’ve surely familiar with face swap features of this app, even if you aren’t a Snap Chat user. This feature’s potential for generating numerous interesting photos and situations is truly inspiring. The fun never stops with this one. Try it on your surrounding by snapping random people’s faces into your own and vice versa. This is not the only way to use this app as there are many other applications of it. The only boundary for using this feature is your imagination.

swap face

Think about using it on old high school photos and share it with your friends. Anything that this app recognizes as a facial expression on your uploaded or snapped photo is swappable. Using this feature can imply how creative and insightful you actually are, so don’t be afraid to try it out on the majority of your photos. Create a story that features face swaps, and you’ll get some interaction on this extremely popular image sharing app. Social media gladly accepts any trendy feature that this app has to offer, but this one in particular.

Flower Crown

Every girl with this filter on her head will surely appear trendy and cute, right? Whenever you see someone using flower crown on their photos, you’ll probably suspect they are narcissistic in nature, right? Although this filter implies that the Snap Chatter using this features has indeed some issues with self-esteem, you should keep in mind that you’re using an app that’s intended for a specific audience. This being said, it’s important to remember to have fun using this app instead of claiming assumptions regarding other people’s personal problems.

Food Filter

A food fight is a dying tradition and for a good reason. Often popularized through teenage movies and similar genre cinematography, this practice never rose to a status of a trend. Instead of totally removing it from our culture, Snap Chat developers made it into a filter that is becoming extremely popular nowadays. Despite seeing the same concept of a feature on various social platforms, Snap Chat managed to popularize their version and further improve their app with this unique feature.

Face Warp

Similar to face swap, face warp also provides an indefinite number of funny photos with altered facial expressions. The reason why this one is becoming quite trendy might hide behind the obvious fact that it’s surprisingly easy to use it. Simply snap a photo of your friends and you, and alter their faces beyond recognition.

face warp

This will surely attract attention to your content and generate a couple of quality laughs as well. If this doesn’t make you popular nothing will, as millions are using the same features over and over on a daily basis without it affecting their publicity.

Heart Eyes

Pink heart-shaped eyes, mostly seen in anime cartoons but also in other media, clearly indicate that the person shows affection towards something. Other than this, it might present the person as emotional and enthusiastic toward a certain situation, person or object in the frame or any other matter that fits the concept.

If you love enhancing your photos by placing pink hearts on a place where your eye sockets should be, this feature will surely prove useful. It’s fun and easy, but more importantly, everyone is doing it, so why won’t you? Stay trendy and increase your fame and status on this social platform with heart shaped eyes filter.

Sad Face

No one likes a sad face. Well, apparently everybody loves the sad face filter on Snap Chat. Transform your friend’s face and see the reaction of your mutual acquaintances, family, and friends that you share on Snap Chat. Become the ultimate jokester by changing a face with no expression but a tendency toward euphoric state, to a complete opposite of a grin. Remember to have fun and use this and all other similar features of this app with respect towards others.

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