Since the release of this ultra-popular app, every user was trying to bypass Snapchat’s anti-screenshot security system. The sole purpose of this app was to allow users to post photos and videos of their frivolous activities, without having to fear that someone will capture and record that behavior.

The only reasonable way to do so was to make their posts visible only for a limited amount of time, during which no one could take a screenshot and exploit their posts. Now more than six years after the release, people are still trying to find a way to record other’s Snapchat posts and profiles.

No Way Around it

Unfortunately, there is no way to take a screenshot with your phone in order to capture someone’s snap without being detected. Snapchat’s anti-capture software doesn’t allow any recording app to create a copy of Snapchat’s content without notifying the owner of that profile.

There were some assumptions that the new IOS11 allows screen capture of snap account and their posts without being detected by Snapchat’s defense parameters. Since many people believe everything they read online, some of them tried and ended up with a status of a creeper on Snapchat.

Think of it this way, if there was a method that can provide a high-definition recording or a footage of someone’s Snapchat account, the developers of this ultra-popular app would find out. It’s only logical that if someone as large as offers services with distinct features, they wouldn’t allow just about anyone to interfere with the quality of their services. This would ruin their app and create tons of legal issues as the privacy policy would’ve been breached. We can assure you that it’s not in their interest to let this happen.

screen recorder

In the meantime, you can use any other technique that goes around their security measures. The important thing is to be creative and with enough persistence, we’re sure that you’ll find a way. If you do, keep it to yourself. Other won’t be as supportive as you think about the use of your spying method.

Other Ways of Spying on another Snapchater

There are however other ways that might help with your spying agenda. The first one being a phone to phone recording. Snapchat’s defense parameters can detect any app that’s recording their page and everything on it. This way when someone takes a screenshot of another’s snap account, the account holder receives a notification that someone has been spying on them.

Luckily for you, and your spying aspirations, no one can stop you from recording the content on your phone’s display with another phone. Now you’re probably thinking this to be a bad idea due to low quality of images and videos recorded. But it doesn’t have to be this way, if you can stabilize the shot and let it focus, you can crop it afterward and have a decent looking photo of someone’s Snapchat account.

phone on phone

\Technically, this way you’ll prove them wrong and achieve personal satisfaction. You can also try our app, and get access to a particular user’s Snapchat account. It’s virtually undetectable and you’ll able to finally take a peek at what your special someone is posting via this extremely popular app.

Delaying the Process

Another way is to turn off your Wi-Fi and turn on Airplane mode after opening your Snapchat. Once you’re on a profile that you want to spy, simply turn off your internet connection and enable Airplane mode. This will allow you to take a snapshot and store it.

The only downside of this method is that it only delays the notification that account holder receives. But if you know that certain someone, you can distribute an overflow of information. Hopefully this way, they won’t notice the alert in a sea of notification.


A lot of money is being invested in the development of this app. Since its release, we’ve seen tons of updates and new features, all of which go according to Snapchat’s privacy policy. If you’re to find a solution that goes around their snapshotting restrictions, the first place that you should go to in order to cash in your talent is a Snapchat office. They would love to hear how they can upgrade their system and make it even better at snap-proofing.

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